Saturday, February 24, 2018 21:29

Complex Collection Matters

In addition to assisting its clients collect on judgments from successful lawsuits, The Gordon Law Firm handles other specific collection matters for a limited group of clients. The number of clients is limited in order to focus on providing quality, effective, and a greater depth of service.

The Gordon Law Firm focuses on particularly challenging collection cases including, but not limited to:

  1. Older cases
  2. Commercial debt secured by personal guaranties
  3. Debtor change of corporate form/name in order to avoid creditors
  4. Use of bankruptcy to avoid creditors
  5. Mixed consumer/commercial debt
  6. Creditor claims with missing documentation
  7. Security interests / UCC-1 filings
  8. Unsecured debt

The Gordon Law Firm is not a collection mill, it does not take as many collection cases as possible, and it does not take any action in violation of the law. The Gordon Law Firm reviews and specifically approves each collection matter prior to agreeing to engage in collection. If The Gordon Law Firm believes that it cannot provide value and service in furtherance of the collection matter, it will not accept the case.

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