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Non-Compete Agreements – Part II

6. What is considered a reasonable geographic scope? Reasonable geographic scope is often dependent on various other factors and their relationship to each other. Some of these factors are: geographic scope, time, nature of the restrictions, location of customers, and anything of value promised when making the agreement, all viewed in relationship to one another. […]

Landmark Texting While Driving Case

While not binding on Florida Courts, this could be the first domino to fall that could set up Florida and other states to follow… The texting while driving case that could be a game-changer for this country. A New Jersey judge is expected to decide this week whether a woman who sent text messages to […]

Gordon Reappointed to Professional Ethics Committee and Animal Law Committee of The Florida Bar.

Brent Gordon of The Gordon Law Firm was reappointed by incoming Florida Bar President Gwynne Young to the Professional Ethics Committee and the Animal Law Committee. This will be Gordon’s second year on the Professional Ethics Committee and third year on the Animal Law Committee. If you need assistance or would like legal advice regarding […]

Florida Small Claims Court

What is Small Claims Court? Small claims court is subset of county court in the Florida court system that is for disputes that do not exceed $5,000 in damages (also known as the amount in controversy), excluding court costs, interest and/or attorney’s fees.  Small claims court has less formal and stringent rules than county court […]

How to Save Money Hiring a Lawyer–Part 2

How to Save Money Hiring a Lawyer–Part 2.  In my previous post, I explained some of the factors that drive attorney fees as well as how important it is to understand your own needs to find the attorney that can best serve your goals—both legally and financially. That post provided considerations to use before hiring […]

How Long Do You Have to Sue? Statutes of Limitations in Florida

    When you go to see an attorney for the first time, one of the most important things you can discuss (if potential litigation is involved) is the applicable statute of limitations.  Also known as limitations on actions, these statutes of limitations set the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings based on […]

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