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Florida Small Claims Court

What is Small Claims Court? Small claims court is subset of county court in the Florida court system that is for disputes that do not exceed $5,000 in damages (also known as the amount in controversy), excluding court costs, interest and/or attorney’s fees.  Small claims court has less formal and stringent rules than county court […]

How to Save Money Hiring a Lawyer–Part 2

How to Save Money Hiring a Lawyer–Part 2.  In my previous post, I explained some of the factors that drive attorney fees as well as how important it is to understand your own needs to find the attorney that can best serve your goals—both legally and financially. That post provided considerations to use before hiring […]

Expanded Airline Passenger Protections

Expanded Airline Passenger Protections. New rules went into effect yesterday regarding passenger rights.  While these are designed to protect consumers, only time will tell how these rules will work in practice.  The United States Department of Transportation issued a press release yesterday which outlines many of the changes and is a good reference guide to […]

How to Prepare for a Hurricane–After You Buy All of the Water, Batteries, and Gas in the Store

How to Prepare for a Hurricane–After You Buy All of the Water, Batteries, and Gas in the Store.  Though it looks like the worst of Hurricane Irene will miss Florida, there are still a few months left of hurricane season.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t prepare until a hurricane is barreling towards the state. Then, […]

Protect Your Computer and Personal Information on Public Hotspots and Wi-Fi

Many of us use our laptops out in public such as in cafes, coffee shops, airports, malls, hotel lobbies, and elsewhere.  Unfortunately, cyber-thieves know this fact and often set up in these locations for such nefarious purposes.   For even a low-level hacker or computer thief, it is quite easy to steal information from users while […]

How to Spot and Avoid a Scam

Does it seem too good to be true?  What your parents told you is true so make sure to listen to your instinct.  Something that may be overly cheap may wind up costing you a great deal in time and money. Is the email asking you to click a link to verify your account to prevent […]

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